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10 ans, Ma Darling

La Fonderie Darling is ten years old!
To celebrate, the cultural hub hosted a fundraising event and an open house party to visit the gallery spaces as well as the artists' studios.  Art Par-tay!

The poster for the event

Visitors were greeted by a sloping wall of milk crates.  I did not get the name of the artist who created the installation! Any ideas?

Wall textures inside one of the artists studios.

A spiral staircase and a lit corner of la fondrie.

Artist Chih-Chien Wang invited visitors to make a cube out of various pieces of Lego. So I did.

Wang also invited visitors to hit their arm with a piece of wood and photograph their reddening arm.  So Tom did.  The white line in the middle of the red square is a vein that just won't change colour! Science!

A view of the building as left.  I truly heart art. Sigh...