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Redpath Silos x Allez-Up

Not too long ago I got to peek at a transformation taking place in the sud-ouest.  The historic Redpath Silos are birthing to the newest incarnation of the Allez-Up climbing gym in a mere few weeks.
The new facility is the white addition which measures about 55 feet in height is nestled in between the four silos.

 Walls by Walltopia taking shape in the dark

The skeleton of the lead wall (which is nearing completion), the gym's come a long way since 2x4s...

 On top of the roof! A look at the Nordelec, Allez-Up's former location

 Oh man, and the view!  An awesome vantage point of the downtown skyline.

 Looking up close at the massive PBW tag, can I even call it a tag? It's huge!

Looking out from inside on top of the silos

Want some more? Can't get enough? Here's a video by Fran├žois Lebeau about the transformation.


Gabriel Dawe: Plexus

Mixed media artist Gabriel Dawe was in Montreal to install the latest of his ongoing Plexus series.  The mesmerizing spectrum of colour was commissioned for a promo for Marie-Pierre Arthur's "Fil de soie"- (a thread of silk, but the wordplay is a bit better in French.)

I checked out the installation in progress just before its completion for the evening vernissage and video shoot.  It is amazing to see in person!

It starts with some thread

It gets passed back and forth

A close up of the mingling of thread

The hooks are not closed, nor permanent, alluding to the temporal nature of the installation


Making rainbows



A small group of images shot around town with a little bit of perspective.
L'estacade du Pont Champlain is low bridge that runs parallel to the Champlain.  Bike riding good times that takes you from Nuns Island to the Voie Maritime to l'ile du Seigneur.

A string of lights at Alexandraplatz

Shabana walking out to the edge; on top of the Redpath Silos

Setting sun on Boulevard Taschereau