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This past week I was asked to help out at the merch table at the Connect4 vernissage.  The pop-up art show was brought together by the artists' themselves in conjunction with Mural Festival and Station16.  Alex Scaner, Kevin Ledo, Labrona, and Mathieu Connery busted out their works for an eager art-buying audience.

signature works by Alex Scaner

Plantlife! Works by Mathieu Connery

Left, sunflowers by Mathieu Connery  Right, a large Labrona (one of my faves!)

and a quick stroll down St-Laurent to try to catch some of the art in progress.  Chain-link fence work by Fafi

ok, found another Labrona in a doorway.

Winded down the art tour at Station16 where the insane felted works of Lucy Sparrow transformed a room in the gallery into Lucy Sparrow's Erotic Emporium: Le Sex Shop Feutré.  Holy moly EVERYTHING was made of felt!  From little condoms, to DVDs, porno mags, and giant butt plugs, all rendered in fuzzy felt giving the works caricature absurdity.  Do yourself a favour and check it out if you're in this fair city.