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Marc Jacobs Honey

I know Montreal's gone a little food truck crazy, (I give you 3 links!) but when I stepped out of a downtown office, I did a bit of a double take. What do I see?
That's right: a soft serve ice cream food truck covered in white on yellow polka dots handing out free cones.  Wait? Marc Jacobs makes ice cream now?  No silly, this is a mega marketing campaign for Jacobs' newest perfume Honey.  This idea was made in PR heaven! With the ice cream came free perfume samples that described the new scent as "a sunny delicious floral with sparkling notes of orange blossom and a hint of honey."  Only a hint? Yup, mostly orange, as stated, with vague memories of childhood.
And the ice cream? I did not end up getting a cone, but I hope it tasted like honey.


Winter is coming

Pardon the obvious popular culture reference.
But in fashion and publishing in general, being at least a season ahead is the norm.
Resort 14? That already happened.
On a steamy hot day Cloé and Geneviève prep a model in fall/winter13 wear