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If you took a moment to click through the "perfume" label at the bottom of this post you might find a handful of blog entries on the subject.  I never thought that it would be a subject of significance or importance but in some way it has. Not being much of a beauty connoisseur, my first memories of thinking that I should find a perfume for myself was when I caught a delicious whiff of a friend's Dior Addict over a decade ago.  Whaaaaat are you wearing?!

Fast forward to trials, errors and missteps and settling my dear Flowerbomb for so so long.  After a decade of the same odour trailing my sphere, along with the conscious and unconscious memories and associations it was time to move on.

I finally zeroed in on Byredo's Bal D'Afrique, a warm and rich perfume that carried over bergamot top note from Flowerbomb. Founder Ben Gorham underlines the association of fragrance to memory where each scent created for Byredo starts from his connections to places, time and people.  This notion made me wonder about that bergamot consistency, it also being the active flavour in my tea of choice Earl Grey, as this was a tea I always drank with my mother for as long as I can remember.
I think not. Or otherwise the hypnotically beautiful and astute sales associates at Byredo's Wooster boutique are just that good.