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Espace Infopresse: Venissage

Simply billed as an "exposition multidisciplinaire" several UQAM art students threw down a minimalist vernissage in the very lovely Espace Infopresse, like a one night stand.
Symmetrical, sleek and sexy: Jardins des Tuileries by Dominic Poirier

Looking into the untitled video installation by Ariel Méthot and Emmanuel Rinfret


Station16 Gallery x Mural Festival

Mural Festival is a brand spanking new urban art affair that celebrates the artists that contribute to city landscapes.  In its inaugural year, LNDMRK has curated, as its main event, the production of over twenty murals up St-Laurent boulevard to be created by local and international artists.  Station16 hosted a pop-up gallery to showcase their screen printing prowess and original works by many of their collaborators.  Vernissage yeah!

 patrons add vernissage booze to the paint can display
garbagebeauty trunk and prints
oyster collab
zema up close
tava on canvas-who's got a red dot?
editions of prints by stikki peaches, labrona and whatisadam
botkin creature on a wall
look for nuggets of garbagebeauty's script up and down st-laurent


The 8-Day Week of Renata Morales

One of my most favourite places on earth, the Centre Phi (and the DHC of course) announced that they will be having a series of guest-curated events by some of Montreal's creatives.  The list included filmmaker Xavier Dolan, designer Rad Hourani and Vice co-founder Suroosh Alvi.  First up to bat was designer and all around visually inclined phenomena, Renata Morales who flexed her creative muscles showcasing a pop-up shop, projections, seven nights of partying and a treasure hunt for limited edition posters. 

 getting up close to Renata's work

the pop-up shop featured designers like Arielle de Pinto, Denis Gagnon, and Complex Geometries
Inside Morales' head: a tinky-winky greets visitors
Alex Hercule's bear and Joe Becker paintings

foxtrott takes the stage during the closing night

karneef and a ghostly morales clad projection


CN Rail Yards and Bâtiment 7

Montreal does not have any shortages of dilapidated industrial spaces living in limbo of development that can help or hinder its neighborhood.   The former CN rail yards in Pointe-Saint-Charles is 35 hectares of land that was sold to Group Mach in 2006 for 1$.   Propositions for the space have included big box stores and a casino, both of which have been nixed in part by opposition efforts of several citizen-led community groups. In more recent news, the 90 000 square foot building Bâtiment 7 has been given ownership to the collective 7 à nous and the Darling Foundry to develop the building into artist spaces, a gallery, a café and more.  Hooray!!  Read more here.

Recently, I got to poke around the compound while on a shoot.  We were one of three shoots that were on the rail yard site that day-a commercial and a film were also taking advantage of the photogenic area.  The following photos are from the smaller warehouse adjacent to Bâtiment 7.

the model's feet in a shallow pond of accumulated water drippings, pigeon poop and algae