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FNC 42

The 42nd edition of the very wonderful Festival Nouveau Cinema has just come to a end.  Twelve days of cinematic good times flew by and I unfortunately only got a miniature sampling (only caught two features this year!)  But I squeezed in the last hurrah to attend the festival's closing party.
Above, projections light up the dancefloor
Middle, 1st AD Catherine wears an intricate leather necklace by LaLaYeah
Bottom, leaving the party for a rainy, late-night bike ride home


ADR in CDG ears's newsletter hits my inbox. 
Check time, ok, I can click through a couple of slideshows in record speeds.  
Street-style photos by Tommy Ton, Spring '14 shows.  
A flurry of outfits, models, editors and Russian socialites prance across my screen.
Click. Click. Click. 
The above image makes me stop.  I reflect, realizing that I can identify the striking Anna Dello Russo wearing Comme Des Garçon's mouse ear cap without any caption or indicators.  I'm not sure if I should pat myself on the back or take some time out from my internet k-hole.



Amélie Thellen and Mélanie Robillard of Boutique Unicorn celebrated their fifth year of their curated mostly black and white shop.  There's a representation of local labels like Barilà, Valerie Dumaine, and Eve Gravel peppered with Unicorn's love for all things Scandinavian with brands Cheap Monday, Fjällräven and minimum.  The cozy boutique is always carefully decorated with each object and art work contributing to Unicorn's story. Bonne fête!

Detailed mural by Maryanna Hardy

Want more? Unicorn maintains a strong internet presence via social media and have a particularly awesome Instagram account.


Complex Geometries

This past weekend Complex Geometries bid adieu to Montreal and cleaned out their remaining samples and one-offs by holding a sale.  Designer Clayton Evans and I had a quick catch up where I learned:
1. the Montreal studio has been closed since the beginning of the year
2. production has been moved to Japan (fancy!)
3. the brand has opened a store (their first!) in Vancouver
among many exciting things for the brand in the pipeline.
Of course I picked up a couple of pieces (from top of pile): cream short sleeve top from fall '12, a black and grey mesh dress (similar here, which I wear with love in black ), an asymmetric tshirt (similar here and here), and a totally oversized denim jacket.
Ok fall, I'm ready.


Phone Booth Cranes

I was walking down ave du Parc when this Bell phone booth caught my eye.
Oh my goodness gracious, I exclaimed out loud.  This, my friends, made my day.  Oh, and how the 'e' was added to the name, so in fact this booth had become 'belle'?! Nice touch.  Who is this origami ninja!?  How can I give you a high five?! Behold, what simple joy a bunch of origami cranes can bring.


Crown Flora Studio

A couple of years ago, I was gifted a how-to book, an old glass shaker and bought myself an old mason jar just for good measure.  I was set.  I was going to build my empire of totally awesome terrariums.  Well, that never happened.  Every time I was faced with a succulent or air plant, doubt would creep in, worried my very non-green thumbs might kill my little project.
At Puces Pop this year many Torontonians made their way down the 401 to show off their wares.   One of them being Crown Flora Studio, whose glass vessels of already composed tiny plant-happy environments were just too seductive.  One little globe that caught my eye contained a tillandsia or air plant and some reindeer moss, sitting on a bed of purple glass. Only a mist of water a couple of times a week?  How could I resist?


At My Desk

Summer has turned into fall light and it's fading fast.  Orchids are drooping slowly.  Pink image by Natalie Finkelstien and Tava's creature pokes its eye through the flowers. 



This week Three Monkeys celebrated the launch of their latest incarnation in and their continued survival of the Cours Mont-Royal.  This is their third location in the mall since their birth in 2004, and it's a marked evolution of their concept.  Back in the day the store uniquely focused on local and Montreal home grown labels (remember Umsteigen and Betty Blush?).  Now, local brands are still present (Eve Gravel, Naked&Famous Denim) but with more ubiquitous labels (Cheap Monday) and to be discovered labels (Funkional,RVLT/Revolution) thrown into the mix.

Three Monkeys' first identity still represents
cats, kids, and bikes turn up on this Rascals' shirt
Totally tried on these awesome metallic gym shorts by Lucca Couture
Mannequin rumble in the windows that bear Three Monkeys' new identity, on trend with the current allergy to vowels.