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Alleyway Art

Alleyway art lingers in every corner.  A storm trooper and Darth Vadar in suits by Stikki Peaches (more here and here!)  In the back wall, one of my favourite grafitti artists OMEN, shows off his portrait skills.


Shoes on a Line

What is it about tossing a pair of Converse (or equivalent sneak) on an electrical line (or equivalent) so compelling to do and then to photograph? The world wide web offered some answers here and here.  How about a shoe tree? Crazy!!

Despite what meaning you may derive from it, they are pretty intriguing to look at. 

 Instagram of shoes in the neighbourhood.

Instagram with a new pair on the line.

Hey, artists are in on it too!
Yes, those are a pair of Olek knit shoes, photographed by Jaime Rojo from this site.


10 ans, Ma Darling

La Fonderie Darling is ten years old!
To celebrate, the cultural hub hosted a fundraising event and an open house party to visit the gallery spaces as well as the artists' studios.  Art Par-tay!

The poster for the event

Visitors were greeted by a sloping wall of milk crates.  I did not get the name of the artist who created the installation! Any ideas?

Wall textures inside one of the artists studios.

A spiral staircase and a lit corner of la fondrie.

Artist Chih-Chien Wang invited visitors to make a cube out of various pieces of Lego. So I did.

Wang also invited visitors to hit their arm with a piece of wood and photograph their reddening arm.  So Tom did.  The white line in the middle of the red square is a vein that just won't change colour! Science!

A view of the building as left.  I truly heart art. Sigh...


Sample Sale Bounty

The easiest thing for me to rationalize purchasing is at a sample sale.  And although I don't go CRAZY and I exercise a certain amount of restraint; I do walk away having to reassure myself that it was ok to jump on the spending wagon.

The sample sale in question: Jeremy Laing, Complex Geometries, and Arielle de Pinto

Rational #1: One out of the three designers I already have plenty of pieces that I love (Complex Geometries), so I pseudo-eliminated one third of the room.
Amendment: Unless of course something really, really called out to me.

Rational #2: I have never owned a piece by Arielle de Pinto.  I have admired her work for a long time and set out to rectify this. I awkwardly said hi to the designer and admitted this to her.

Two pieces by de Pinto.  Super stoked!

Rational #3: When would I ever pick up pieces by Laing at a steal? Next season? Maybe? Maybe never again?

Details of a wool dress with a shawl/collar and moon crater print pants. Moon pants!  I've seen enough flowers...


Olek x MTL

Olek is in town! A while back I posted about (finally) discovering knit grafitti or yarn bombing.  Well you can feast your eyes on the NYC knit mistress in good old Montreal.  These will be down before I see these beauties with my own eyes but here's a peek at the "Butter People" Olek style.


East vs West

Lifetime Collective, Ayden Gallery and Three Monkeys hosted an in-store exhibit featuring new works by a crew of Montreal and Vancouver artists.   My urge to buy art has not yet been quelled, so I have some serious pondering to do.   But in the meantime, cupcakes, colourful beverages and good times were had by all!

A line up of the artists and some floral shorts.

Vernissage fixings

To your left, a futuristic vision by Peter Ricq and right: a painting by Kevin Ledo

Artist (and musician!) Peter Ricq with a miniature (and functional) harmonica

Ohhh, I love this one! That funny little creature is called "Falafel" by Kristian Adam.  And one rad customized sewing machine.

A t-shirt by Kristian Adam and in the background, paintings by Evan Melnyk

Evan working on a collaborative piece.

Bam! Get your art on until July 1st!


Expo Shoot Studio

Shoot Studio held their annual vernissage showcasing their roster of photographers.   Above are some images I styled for Sandrine Castellan, portraying the relationship of sisters.