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The Wilfrid

Not even a year ago Nancy and Fran├žois had purchased a 175 year old farmhouse complete with 4 acres of land and a couple of barns with the vision of transforming the former dairy farm into a stylish, country getaway from the city. Situated in Prince Edward County (beaches! vineyards!) within weekend escape distance from Montreal and Toronto, The Wilfrid Boutique Farmhouse was open for its first season this spring.  Feeling particularly adult I decided to book a treat yo' self weekend and savour the country flavour.

Nancy and Fran├žois really outdid themselves with the renovation of the farmhouse.  Opening up and streamlining the space for large common areas and creating three awesome guest rooms (oh and the shower!!) while maintaining the cozy county feel incited many ohhs and ahhs from me.  From the reclaimed sliding barn doors (from uh...their barn!) that leads to the crisp ensuite bathroom, to the pulleys holding the light fixtures, the attention to detail was apparent everywhere.  

After cocktails we strolled down the road to Long Dog Vinyard and Winery for some wine tasting and met the lovely owners James and Victoria.  We learned that James was involved in IMAX movie-making and that they would soon be rolling out the last IMAX movie to be shot on film.  Nooooooo! Say it ain't so!!!!  I get it, film is dead and dying and all that.  But I was secretly holding on to the idea that this crazy 70mm format would survive the transition.  Appreciating our film-nerdiness James gifted us with a couple of frames of this glorious medium.

After our last delicious and filling breakfast, we poked around the barns, played around a really old looking tractor and paid the hens a visit to gather some eggs before heading back down the 401.

During our weekend we toted around a Fuji Instax camera that is provided by the Wilfrid for guests to document their stay with the condition that we leave one image behind; creating a photographic guestbook at the farmhouse.