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Bloc Shop: Expansion Mode

Bloc Shop delivered an early Christmas gift to eager climbers last week by completing a new extension ahead of schedule. 

Originally slated to open in the new year,  Bloc Shop's now 20 000 square foot facility can boast to being the largest bouldering gym in Canada, welcoming hundreds of climbers-from newbies to seasoned pros-every day.
I popped by a couple of weeks back to document the in-progress action.

Kyle (right) from Flashed and Yan (left) get some crash mat making done.

Nathan Leblanc-Limoges' second addition to Bloc Shop's walls is a painstaking effort with a ballpoint pen inspired by art historical imagery.

Artist buddy Kevin Ledo recreates his Wynwood, Miami portrait of his grandmother "Vavo, the Montreal OG"

Yoris gets the first climb

Two out of the four Bloc Shop partners Cloé and Fred kindly pause for a picture amidst their race to completion.

I stopped in again for a quick session after the new section had opened and the place was packed and bumping.  Good times were had as I tackled some problems over and over and over and over again!


le pop up smart design

After a hiatus last year, the Smart Design Mart is back in a smaller pop-up version of its former self. Merchandised in a more boutique feel, the multiple brains behind the operation mixed up many of the local designers and artisans on displays of vintage pieces of furniture (also for sale!)
Pictured above: Lettering and design work from Council for Design cozying with pillows from Assembly Home Goods.
Wood cutting boards and guitar hooks from Mitz Takahashi with more Council for Design quoting the Smiths.
Ceramic tableware and jewelry by YYY Collection.
Wood lamp and ladder by Loic Bard.
And those kooky bowling pins by Tyson Bodnarchuk.
and obvs so much more,
Full list and details here until the 13th of December.


Atelier b

On a rainy Montreal evening, designers Anne-Marie Laflamme and Catherine Métivier rolled out the new identity for their ethical women and menswear label atelier b.
Design and identity work was by Nouvelle Administration with photographs by LM Chabot.
Merriment, wine and design equals good times.


Dia : Beacon

Oh the breathtaking Dia:Beacon!
Although my art romp through the Hudson Valley was a month or two back, I could not not share some images from this magical wonder of contemporary art.  I had major love goggles on as I took in the art sprawled over the 300 000 square foot former factory building.  The gallery space itself-gah! I am without words-stunning? Inspiring? Deep sighs of joy worthy?

From the top:
Robert Irwin- Excursus: Hommage to the Square³
Sol LeWitt- from the Wall Drawing Series
Richard Serra- Elevational Wedge, 2001
Richard Serra- Union of the Torus and the Sphere (detail), 2001
Robert Ryman- Untitled, 1965
And a stolen photograph of a gallery patron contemplating a Robert Ryman



H&M's sister brand COS (Collection of Style) is set to open their second Canadian outpost in our fair city of Montreal after opening in Toronto in September.  As you can glean from a couple of the images from the FW15 lookbok, the brand is less trend based favouring architectural shapes and featuring more natural fabrics.  Does that big white scarf come in black?

Men, women (and maybe your children?) can get their nordic vibe on this Friday October 9th at 1310 St-Catherine O.


perfume: two ways

I've been wearing my beloved Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf ever since its inception. I'd deviate every now and again to try something new, but always came back to Flowerbomb.  The chemistry of me and this perfume has invoked so many reactions, many of familiarity (how it's become "my smell") and several people have nuzzled their faces into my neck emitting a variety of exclamations.  But somehow I feel like my relationship with Flowerbomb should come to an end or at least take a pause.
Back in 2006, while in Paris, my mom offered to buy me my first bottle, which attracted me because I thought the design was cool. I kid you not, that's how calculated my perfume decisions were: "I like Viktor & Rolf" + good bottle design = winning combination.  I knew nothing about perfume, I tried some here and there but I was far from making an educated choice on what would work on me.  But hey! My math worked! And I have been wearing it since.  For many christmases my Flowerbomb stash would be replenished by my mother who thought it would be an easy and practical gift for her not-easy-to shop-for-daughter. Last christmas was my first one without my mother and my signature scent was dwindling.  I took it as a sign.  Time to move on.

I am taking the very calculated route this time.  No abstract math.  Just test drives.
Clockwise from top left:
-Maison Martin Margiela's Replica, Promenade in the Garden
-Maison Martin Margiela's Replica, Lazy Sunday Morning
-Byredo, Bal D'Afrique
-Byredo, Gypsy Water
-Heeley Parfum, Iris de Nuit
-Atelier Cologne, Silver Iris

I've been feeling a bit multiple personality since starting the tests.  Hopefully I'll be able to strike perfume gold twice.

Speaking of twice here's the sonic version of perfume:

(a phone photo of Alan Wyffels and Mike Hadreas)

Last weekend I attended the Basilica Hudson's Basilica SoundScape, an "antifestival" of music and art and awesomeness in the Hudson Valley.  From improv jazz drumming, performance art, noise bands, and droning electronic music, the night I spent at the Basilica had filled up my senses and The Haxan Cloak's subwoofers rearranged my insides.  (Peep this great roundup article for more.) A more low-key moment in the evening introduced me to Perfume Genius who managed to seduce the audience into a dreamy eyed state. The set included a version of this charming piano duet, which has been looping in my playlist since I got home. Enjoy.

Last look: an enlightened telephone booth buddha at Basilica Hudson.


First cover- ELLE QUEBEC

Really stoked to share the first magazine cover I had the pleasure of styling!  This is ELLE Québec's September 2015 issue featuring the talented singer/songwriter Coeur de Pirate.
For this shoot I was in the awesome company of prolific photographer Max Abadian (we're not worthy!) and hair/make up artist (and creative multi-talent) Andrew Ly.
For the looks I am very grateful for the collaboration with Costume National for the striped suit and to Tanya Taylor for the vintage vibe dress.  Keep reading for the complete credits (yeah, you want to know where those boots are from?!)

Unfortunately there's one little bit of major #buzzkill ... those with eagle eyes can make out that the "stylisme" credit was not made out to me.  The credit was given to a very lovely and talented stylist who was not involved with the shoot, and the unfortunate editorial oversight is now living in print on news stands across Quebec.  The awesome ELLEQC team hastened to rectify online/electronic copies and offered their apologies.  In order not to be too bummed about the whole situation (whyyyyy? in print!) I listened to Krishna Das' soothing Eddie Vedder-esque voice to decompress as I drove to an idyllic plot of land in the country.  I feel much better now thank you.

styling credits:

wool suit: Costume National
t-shirt: James Perse
shoes: Michael Kors Collection
necklace: Jennifer Meyer
rings: House of Harlow 1960 & Aldo Accessories

dress, turtleneck, belt: Tanya Taylor
boots: Filippa K
rings: House of Harlow 1960 & Aldo Accessories


Kevin Ledo & 5800 Harold

Kevin Ledo is at it again.  This time with two massive pieces for 5800 Harold, apartment residences in Hollywood, California.  I checked out the in-progress canvases, one 7'x20' and the other 7'x30' (holy moly!) each featuring astral bodies rendered in paint and gold leaf.  See that shine in the image above?  That's not just any old photographic hot-spot-that's the shine of the leaf itself.

Ledo set up camp in Sid Lee's very cool multi-purpose space which had multiple rooms each thematically dedicated to some of my favourite film directors.

A quote from David Lynch, excerpted from a piece the director wrote for the Huffington Post on his obsession with coffee.

A quote from "A Clockwork Orange"

This is a quote from Jean-Luc Godard, but has been used often in describing the non-linear style of Michel Gondry.

 A Hitchcock quote from a 1960 BBC interview.

Loved the lighting in the Hitchcock room

Admittedly when I first saw the name, my mind first jumped to Roy Andersson, which wouldn't be that much of a stretch given both directors' absurdist tendencies.  But indeed this quote is from Wes Anderson's Darjeeling Limited.

Kevin and I found this gold box next to a red cord.  It was thematically appropriate with his painting.
This photo ensued: