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Kodak Funsaver

Back in 2013 we headed to Thailand to visit an old friend and get some vay-cay time in.  Armed with a DSLR, a super-8 camera, an iPhone, and three disposable cameras, I'd say we covered most of our bases.  One of those Kodak Funsaver GT-800 never got used and made its way to Iceland three years later.  Without any control of the focus and the on-camera flash I shot the whole roll with abandon over the course of two trigger happy days in Ólafsfjordur and Reykjavik. Conversely to the previous post all shot on a Canon 7D with it's greeny-blue hues, the Kodak is very, very warm and a little pink-y giving the roll serious vintage vibes.

 click! Harpa concert hall

 click! Reykjavik bar scribbles and stickers.  Everyone in this bar was stunning. Is that normal?

yup and I walked around the Blue Lagoon with a disposable camera above the surface of the water