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HK photo diary

Hellooooooo Hong Kong! (Which I really enjoy calling HK.)
We took a quick jaunt to visit friends who have relocated on this unique island. HK, the home to millions, was full of wallet busting meals, bustling crowds, history and lots of dichotomy.  But what I couldn't get enough of was the density of the city. Sure New York is dense, Tokyo is dense, but for some reason I really felt the presence of the population represented not just by the crowds but also in the densely packed housing.  Infinitely photogenic, I couldn't get enough of it and marvelled at all the laundry precariously hanging outside of windows over a busy city below.

I was quite concerned for laundry everywhere I looked.

Meandering some of the little streets and alleyways of Sheung Wan.  As we wound our way we found stairways, graffiti and a hidden barbershop.

Okay, what about that dichotomy I was talking about?  Financial disparity of the population aside, a really awesome duality of HK is its urbanism and easy access to the outdoors.  While the Off-White store in Causeway Bay displayed some lovely greenery, HK spoiled us with tons of hikes, beaches, islands and other assorted outdoorsy-ness all while being nestled in a busy city.
1. walking up to Victoria Peak, viewing the city below
2. Lamma Island in the distance
3. the winding paths of Wilson Trail

1. making soup dumplings!
2. mall crowd
3. little HK and Chinese flags stretched over Kowloon streets. 

Last look: hitting up a trail in the New Territories with a view of mainland China yonder