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Work It: Moving Images

Other than eating salad all the time, I have occupied my time by providing wardrobe to some moving pictures.  It's been good times, but busy times hence the (slight?) neglect of this blog.  Here's some images to make up for it; many of them are from my Instagram feed, feel free to follow (click to your right) if you fancy what you see!
If a cube truck that kind of looks like a moving truck parks on your street for a many days in a row, they are most likely part of a film production.  I've spotted this cube on my street with some crows on it, and took it as a non-ominous sign.

Instagram pics of director Eduardo Menz's customized macbook.  Digging through the drawers of costume rentals.

On set at a call center.  This project was shot on film (awesome!), which is becoming more of a rarity.

More instagram of the crew looking on to our young actors on bikes for the first day of another shoot.  Our script supervisor is all geared up.

Arts & crafts! Customizing bike bells as parting gifts to our young actors.

 The lovely ladies of la regie.  A set dog cozies up in sandbags after a long day.

More kids! On this project I had to protect the young actor from the breaking of a (real) glass of milk.  Slippers, socks, ace bandages, raincoat, plastic poncho, protective eyegear! Check! Check! Check!

Super sloooooow motion! 240 frames per second!  The multiples of pyjamas I had made for the milk explosion. Check!