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Ton Sai, TH

Care to guess what was asked to me the most when I mentioned I was going to Thailand?
"You're gonna go climbing right?"
Ummm, yeah?  How could I not?!  While I haven't exactly climbed regularly in a while, that climbing bug was still nestled within my bones (at least to top rope that is!)  So off to Ton Sai we went.

Upon arrival you could see why many climbers decide to spend months in the area, there are many many many many gorgeous limestone walls/crags within the Tonsai/Railay/Phra Nang beach/bays area, and very accessible by foot.  The above image was taken right from the beach.  Also visible in the above shot is a lookout platform, see that yellow arrow? Yeah right there.  Accessible by one giant bamboo ladder and one sketchy rusted out metal one.  Admission: I'm kind of scared of ladders.  But I'm a sucker for a great photo op, so up I went.

looking down from the platform, stalactites galore

While I was up there and slightly fearful of the platform's stability, Mikel came scampering up like a billy goat-no problem.  We chatted for a bit and I admired his tattoos.  I exclaimed "It's Guernica!" to which he replied- "Yes, I am Basque." Mikel told me he got his piece done during travels in Edinburgh, Germany and Indonesia.  I said the art recalled to mind a French tattoo artist and he completed my sentence saying: "your meat is mine? Yes, I'd like to get a tattoo by him as well."  Small world.

I leave you with images of  the dramatic tide coming in at Ton Sai bay