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CN Rail Yards and Bâtiment 7

Montreal does not have any shortages of dilapidated industrial spaces living in limbo of development that can help or hinder its neighborhood.   The former CN rail yards in Pointe-Saint-Charles is 35 hectares of land that was sold to Group Mach in 2006 for 1$.   Propositions for the space have included big box stores and a casino, both of which have been nixed in part by opposition efforts of several citizen-led community groups. In more recent news, the 90 000 square foot building Bâtiment 7 has been given ownership to the collective 7 à nous and the Darling Foundry to develop the building into artist spaces, a gallery, a café and more.  Hooray!!  Read more here.

Recently, I got to poke around the compound while on a shoot.  We were one of three shoots that were on the rail yard site that day-a commercial and a film were also taking advantage of the photogenic area.  The following photos are from the smaller warehouse adjacent to Bâtiment 7.

the model's feet in a shallow pond of accumulated water drippings, pigeon poop and algae