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Salicornia & Elderberry

In movie making mode at the moment, so throwing down another food post.  Been jonesing to share my deep deep thoughts on Spring Breakers, but that'll have to be for another time.

I first crunched into a salicornia back when Sardine still had its dinner service.**  The sourced ingredients were local and my eyes practically popped out of my head when the salty watery plant (not dissimilar to purslane) hit my palate. Yum!  A recent meal featured this succulent delicacy and sent me on a mission to Jean-Talon market on the hunt to give it a home in my fridge.  Success!

 This little beauties are again courtesy of Les Jardins d'Ambroise.  These itty-bitty elderberries are making their first time appearance in my belly.  Please come again.

**UPDATE 17.09.13: Sardine has reinstated dinner today! With chef Hachiro Fujise of Guu Church at the helm**