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Province Apothecary

While in Toronto I managed to squeeze a visit to the studio of Province Apothecary and the very busy woman behind the brand Julie Clark.  Formerly working in the fashion world in NYC, Julie has single-handedly created a covetable, holistic skincare line that is free of chemicals, petroleum, and synthetic ingredients. 

All of Province Apothecary's products are handcrafted from their studio using wild and organic primary ingredients all while supporting Canadian suppliers to keep the products local.  While I am blessed with non-fussy skin that has a devil may care attitude, I do think it be unwise to act that way.  I've been in the process of phasing my products to look like my fridge: as whole and natural/organic as possible.  My well loved Vichy toner is no more, now replaced by witch hazel, my deodorant is now Waleda and random lip balm is now PA.