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Crown Flora Studio

A couple of years ago, I was gifted a how-to book, an old glass shaker and bought myself an old mason jar just for good measure.  I was set.  I was going to build my empire of totally awesome terrariums.  Well, that never happened.  Every time I was faced with a succulent or air plant, doubt would creep in, worried my very non-green thumbs might kill my little project.
At Puces Pop this year many Torontonians made their way down the 401 to show off their wares.   One of them being Crown Flora Studio, whose glass vessels of already composed tiny plant-happy environments were just too seductive.  One little globe that caught my eye contained a tillandsia or air plant and some reindeer moss, sitting on a bed of purple glass. Only a mist of water a couple of times a week?  How could I resist?