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Sun.Cloud.Fog.Rain in CR

The crazy climates that exist in the almost equatorial and ecotouristic country of Costa Rica are pretty amazing.  From sweltering hot beaches to cool evenings in higher altitudes, best be prepared for everything.  Sandals, socks, shoes, bikini, tanks, long sleeve, sweater, scarf, rain jacket, shorts, pants!  Check, check, check, check!
Still better than snow and -30c.
Let's start in San José where some days are hot and some days are cold.  Where colonial architecture still remains, with or without some street art adorned upon it.  Oh and barbed wire is a stylistic touch on residential homes here and there.

Enough with the sweaters-let's hit the beach! Coming up: tide pools, crazy tan lines, and one yummy organic lotion (with lemongrass to ward away mosquitoes!!) made by a friend who has relocated to the sunny shores of Santa Teresa to become a beach bum and surf the waves.

On a sunny/foggy ferry ride, I met this wonderful looking man named Jorge who possessed a remarkable mane of white hair.  In my tragically basic Spanish I managed to convey my love for his look and asked if I could take a picture.  Muchas gracias Jorge.  On to Monteverde!
In the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reseve (above) a cloud obscures the view

Sometimes the best things in life are free.  A friend who had visited the area counseled: "find that crazy tree you can climb up the insides." Whaaaa?  The above images are taken looking up the hollowed "trunk" of a Banyan tree aka the Strangler Fig tree.  This shit is from Lord of the Rings! Prehistoric crazy roots!  Ok I exaggerate, but climbing up the belly of this tree made me giddy, and poking my head out among the branches at almost three stories high was pretty rad.  You said it Luther and Janet. Hasta luego.