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Christian Marclay - The Clock

I've only been waiting for this piece to come to Montreal for four years. Now the time has come to feast our eyes on the TWENTY-FOUR hour extravaganza of Christian Marclay's The Clock.  After years of tireless research with several assistants, Marclay meticulously edited clips of clocks and watches from movies and television to create a single channel video that demarcates the marching of time.  So when you, the viewer, are sitting in a comfy seat and that shot above pops onto the screen, you can rest assured that it is indeed one o'clock. Just like a Swiss watch...albeit a cinematic version.

The National Gallery of Canada and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston jointly owned piece has been gracing the screen of the Musee d'art contemporain de Montréal as of last week (!), and will be tick tocking until April (phew...) So don't wait too long, this is hotly anticipated not only by yours truly, but by plenty of other cine-art-nerds.

Pssst... tonight is Nuit Blanche....and it's screening all night for free...shhhhh...don't tell anyone!