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I do collages
I like to organize things visually and catagorically
I think that's why Pinterest suits me
I've been spotting similar images in my Instagram following feed and piecing them together.
This is the first one that worked for me in a way that was more than just thematic.
Carved wood and a fig tree, a little retouching via VSCO cam.  A lightbulb went off.

Here are a couple more of the #inmyfeed series that got this all started (maybe I have some OCD tendencies too...)

top left Tyson Bodnarchuk top middle UNTTLD top right Lara Kaluza
middle left Patricia McNeil centre Kevin Ledo middle right Massivart
bottom left Elisabeth Olga Tremblay bottom middle Atelier B bottom right Angela

top left Charle Demers top right Cult MTL
botton Alizee CD


top left Martin Reisch top right Nicolas Blanchet
bottom left Sophie Desbiens bottom right III MNKYS

left Atelier B right WRG magazine