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Bloc Shop: Expansion Mode

Bloc Shop delivered an early Christmas gift to eager climbers last week by completing a new extension ahead of schedule. 

Originally slated to open in the new year,  Bloc Shop's now 20 000 square foot facility can boast to being the largest bouldering gym in Canada, welcoming hundreds of climbers-from newbies to seasoned pros-every day.
I popped by a couple of weeks back to document the in-progress action.

Kyle (right) from Flashed and Yan (left) get some crash mat making done.

Nathan Leblanc-Limoges' second addition to Bloc Shop's walls is a painstaking effort with a ballpoint pen inspired by art historical imagery.

Artist buddy Kevin Ledo recreates his Wynwood, Miami portrait of his grandmother "Vavo, the Montreal OG"

Yoris gets the first climb

Two out of the four Bloc Shop partners Cloé and Fred kindly pause for a picture amidst their race to completion.

I stopped in again for a quick session after the new section had opened and the place was packed and bumping.  Good times were had as I tackled some problems over and over and over and over again!