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A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a teacher at Quebec High School in Quebec City with a proposed project for their arts wing that was in desperate need of a makeover.
Ready for the "before" images?
The murals on the walls were created by students over ten years ago when the school had thought the whole wing would be demolished.  So the kids se sont lâchés loose or let loose as we say in proper Quebecois français.
Brace yourself.

The school was ready to breathe some fresh air into the space and have it be of interest on its own while being able to support the students' art work when it would be displayed on the walls.  Gallons and gallons of primer and paint were laid down to bid adieu to the chaotic artwork and then we stepped in.
"We" was myself and talented friend, artist and make-up sfx guru Mark Unterberger- who has recently launched himself into the world of industrial and graphic design, so naturally I thought he'd be down with this gig.

With lots of tape, a couple of gallons of a taupey/warm grey and a handful of very enthusiastic students we said goodbye to Tinkerbell and laid down simple graphics to create a calm and open new space for the art wing.
Two of the dedicated students getting into the details.