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Beaver Sheppard - Never Apart

He's that guy, you met at a bar/restaurant/show/party, where he was cooking/hanging out/playing in a band. You've seen him around town, met through a friend, bumped into each other some time later.   He's that guy that you can't even remember how you met, but you've seen each other around for a better part of a decade. He's that guy.

I popped into Never Apart one afternoon to participate in a sound meditation practice and took the time afterwards to check out the galleries.

Lo' and behold was the exhibit Chefs I've Worked For by Beaver Sheppard; a series of expressive paintings accompanied each with an incredible anecdote of his time at a restaurant.

I'm a little late to the party so the show will be up only until the 8th of April!
In the meantime, here's an interview with Beaver at Never Apart and some images from the show. Read. The. Captions!

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