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Jewelry Jam

I'd been on the mailing list of Of A Kind for a short while, viewing the feed of (affordable!) images go by, waiting for inspiration to strike.  And then it happened. Bang! Impulse buy! What have I done?!

I found myself a week or two later eagerly waiting the postman.  Then came the Trikolori bracelets by Fay Andrada.
The set of copper, brass and silver bracelets make a variety of geometric shapes, depending on how they fall around your wrist.  They come with a delightful jingle-jangle sound.

While I was at it, I thought I should add to my Pearls Before Swine obsession collection, and as a variation of the theme, got two thin silver rings and a gold one for good measure.  I did not get the extra tiny silver ring on my upper ring finger (restraint!)...a rose gold version is surely for next time!