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Sample Sale Bounty

The easiest thing for me to rationalize purchasing is at a sample sale.  And although I don't go CRAZY and I exercise a certain amount of restraint; I do walk away having to reassure myself that it was ok to jump on the spending wagon.

The sample sale in question: Jeremy Laing, Complex Geometries, and Arielle de Pinto

Rational #1: One out of the three designers I already have plenty of pieces that I love (Complex Geometries), so I pseudo-eliminated one third of the room.
Amendment: Unless of course something really, really called out to me.

Rational #2: I have never owned a piece by Arielle de Pinto.  I have admired her work for a long time and set out to rectify this. I awkwardly said hi to the designer and admitted this to her.

Two pieces by de Pinto.  Super stoked!

Rational #3: When would I ever pick up pieces by Laing at a steal? Next season? Maybe? Maybe never again?

Details of a wool dress with a shawl/collar and moon crater print pants. Moon pants!  I've seen enough flowers...