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East vs West

Lifetime Collective, Ayden Gallery and Three Monkeys hosted an in-store exhibit featuring new works by a crew of Montreal and Vancouver artists.   My urge to buy art has not yet been quelled, so I have some serious pondering to do.   But in the meantime, cupcakes, colourful beverages and good times were had by all!

A line up of the artists and some floral shorts.

Vernissage fixings

To your left, a futuristic vision by Peter Ricq and right: a painting by Kevin Ledo

Artist (and musician!) Peter Ricq with a miniature (and functional) harmonica

Ohhh, I love this one! That funny little creature is called "Falafel" by Kristian Adam.  And one rad customized sewing machine.

A t-shirt by Kristian Adam and in the background, paintings by Evan Melnyk

Evan working on a collaborative piece.

Bam! Get your art on until July 1st!