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FOXTROTT shields ep

It was one of those satisfying nights where you decide to check out some art/music/dance etc. with no expectations and let the night unfold.  One recent night led me to Notre Dame des Quilles, a bar equipped with two mini-bowling alleys, to take in the sounds of FOXTROTT.

Walking in with not even a vague idea of what I was going to hear, the night began with a listening of the Shields EP to the packed bar.  With the opening electronic strains, beats and vaguely reminiscent of Tori Amos vocals, I was instantly hooked and floored at the same time.
After listening to the EP's three songs, FOXTROTT took to the alleys and gave us a stripped down acoustic rendition of the album.  Minimal percussion, a keyboard and two french horns interpreted the songs we had just heard in a new, amazing and re-imagined light.  I was TOTALLY STOKED.  And one bonus song later, it was over, as quickly as it had begun. 
Totally satisfying. I would like some more please.