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CR Fashion Book

Oh yeah! After pre-ordering this online, look what showed up on my doorstep!

The hefty tome that is the first issue of CR Fashion Book was squeezed into my mailbox just the other day.   Featuring opposing front covers,  CR has a young girl with baby versus Kate Upton cleavage with chicks.  There is a lengthy editorial of Upton and a menagerie of baby animals and if you wanted more there is the Bruce Weber shot video version of it all, complete with a unicorn.

The matte pages of the magazine contains several editorials around the thematic of birth, life and death; the latter visualized as fairy tale photographed by Tom Ford featuring a princess in a crystal coffin.

Above is an image by the very stylish filmmaker Luca Guadagnino (who I raved about here); his contribution was a stunning editorial of fall couture.