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Time to Make the Dumplings

Have I ever told you that I LOVE dumplings?!
Like really love them...I can have a frozen bag from the grocery store or freshly made ones from Qing Hua.  Either way I am as happy as a clam.

Then Debbie Wong of Debbie Wong's Wok and Gong proposed we make our own dumplings.  What?!  Sign me up! Not only would I reap the reward of hard work done by eating a bowl full of dumplings, I was also going to take a bunch of the leftovers to keep in my freezer for future dumpling emergencies.

 The set up: premade wrappers from chinatown, a little bowl of water, the stuffing mixture featured pork, tofu, bok choy, shiitake mushrooms and a mixture of dark and light soy sauce.  There in the bottom right corner was my glass of wine.  Let the wrapping begin!

fill a bit in the middle, and wet half of the edge with water, fold over, pinch to close

Dumpling party! Look how much fun we are having!

We have two techniques here, the scalloped empanada style closure and a simple version

YUUUMMM! After steaming, make saucy concoction that can be spicy, soy saucy, tanihi filled.  Whatever tickles your fancy.

Digging into some peashoots!
Simple quick and cheap, cheap, cheap
Like a little birdy