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Lapinsec - The Carter Family

The advent of social media has made it possible to "friend" or "follow" acquaintances, long lost friends, strangers and a gamut of other souls who we normally do not have the chance to call or cross paths and say "hi, how are you?"  When the use of monikers enter the game, all of a sudden you are searching your brain for where/how you would know this person, looking for a profile picture of sorts that can jog you memory.

This is what happened when Lapinsec started following my Instagram feed.  I searched my brain and squinted at the itty-bitty image that represents the user.  Ok, I got it! Follow back.  What began to fill my feed were beautiful drawings, watercolours and sketches of people, places and imagined things.  Then I saw it-BAM! The perfect gift of art I am always on the hunt for.  The Carter Family: in monochromatic watercolour.

Above left, the work in its new home.  Above right, a closer look from Lapinsec's blog
An image from 1927 from here

We arranged to meet so I could purchase the work.  The first thing I asked Lapinsec was: so how do we know each other again?  Raves right?  Raves circa late 90s early 00s? how the times change.