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Satay Brothers

I met Mat Winnicki back in the day when I worked in a retail shop and he worked across the street in a busy cafe/restaurant.  Smiles, nods and have a good days were the amount of exchange with had during the bustle of the lunch rushes.  I think the longest conversation we had was when he came into the shop to wish me luck into the world of freelance during my last days in retail.  We shared a bottle of Pop champagne, exchanged email addresses and said stay in touch.

A food tasting back in 2010, (I hoard pictures)

Over the years sporadic emails were bounced back and forth and delicious food adventures were had. One day an invite to a food tasting chez business savy brother Alex, popped up in my inbox.  The menu was to feature Singaporean street food and I said "hell yeah!" This was my kind of market research.  These tastings would become the building blocks to the Satay Brothers' hawker style counter, which has become very much beloved at the Atwater market during the summers.  I finally went to the winter location a few blocks away to enjoy a meal during a packed lunchtime.

Buns! Buns! Buns! To be filled with pork or tofu


Bros before hos, with respect to your mom.  Yup, mother Kim inspired the cuisine and can be seen regularly in the kitchen working her skills alongside her sons.  That's love baby!  Speaking of love-if you want to read an actual review/raves, check them out on their slick site and view some tasty pics while you're at it.