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Parc Olympique

The facilities of the Parc Olympique de Montréal were built for the 1976 Summer Olympics and its crown jewel was the Olympic Stadium.  Despite a history plagued with poor construction, running over budget and general decay, the Parc Olympique has chugged along, the tower was completed in the eighties and as a Guiness World Records holder, continues to be a popular tourist attraction.

Earlier this month the Parc Olympique unveiled its new branding and slogan "let's rekindle the flame," to further revitalize the grounds with performances, outdoor activities and events (First Fridays anyone?)  It is with this in mind that we erase the Montreal cynicism of the past and remember that it is one of the reasons that this city is pretty rad.  Shall we?

looking up at the tower-pretty dramatic eh? 

the funicular on its way down

series of stairwells

the curves flow from one facility to the next

inside the biodome, looking up at the former velodromes' roof

now home to seagulls

the towers of the planetarium, the grounds' newest facility

each tower houses a domed screening room

gotta love this town