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Detroit, MI

These images came from a recent day trip to Detroit, a city that I associate with techno, GM, the Crow, Robocop, and maybe the Red Wings.  More recently Detroit filed for bankruptcy, a culmination of years of debt, corruption and a bad Wall Street deal.  Sure Toronto's got Rob Ford, Montreal's got Coderre now, but Detroit's had this guy to thank for part of their problems.

After a browse through the sprawling John K King bookstore, we took a drive around various parts of the city.  One thing that is apparent is the abandonment and the decline of population.  Parts of the city felt ghostly, with stunning historic buildings either boarded up or windows blown out.  We made a stop in front of the old Michigan Central Station and a man named Harrison (pictured above) sauntered up to us.  The self-proclaimed "ambassador" to the city filled our heads with stories of the station, Detroit pride, and visions of revitalization.

In his own words:
"This place was built in 1912 [...] the same artist who built the station in New York, it's the same artist here...the last train out was in 1988.  I used to be able to go up on top and take a bar-b-q pit up there and watch the fireworks and chill with a lawn chair.  I really miss that."

On his connection to the building:
"I'm a part of this, through time, and it grew on me.  Yes I am, yes I am, in my heart because I come through here everyday to make sure this building is ok."

He then kindly asked for a tip-we handed over a couple of dollars, we shook his hand and wished him well.  And then the station's ambassador made his way over to chat up another set of gawkers.