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Filipino Home Cooking

I'm still thinking about the delicious fundraising dinner event for the Canadian Red Cross for the victims of typhoon Haiyan that I attended this past weekend.  Artist Gene Pendon, brother Dave Pendon and their uncle Ed orchestrated a Filipino menu that tasted almost like my mother made it...almostThe awesome volunteer kitchen and wait staff at the Sparrow hustled-to say the least-to fulfill the orders of the packed restaurant/bar that has probably never seen so many adorable kids underfoot.  Cue to this sibling pair pictured above, with their t-shirts emblazoned with a classic dish: the chicken adobo.  If you are not vegetarian, please, please, try this dish, so simple, so deeeelish.

You missed out? It's never too late to donate!  Or check out Fantasia Festival's fundraising fun featuring Filipino filmmaker Erik Matti (info here!)  Or enjoy the Franco Proietti Morph-tet's jazz vibes at BBAM! Gallery (event link here!)  With surely more events to come!

Ok, serious stuff:
Climate change is real, freak storms are becoming the norm.  Yeb Sano is still fasting. Food for thought.