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Ai Weiwei

Surveillance Camera, 2010
Marble Helmet, 2010
from Ai Weiwei's According To What? exhibit, AGO, 2013

When I began this blog 200 posts ago I wanted to share images of aesthetic occurrences and everyday awesomeness that centred around film, fashion and art.  Toss in a little bit a of travel, food, and flowers and you've got a sampling of what I love.  Although my infatuation with aesthetics runs deep, more importantly it is what these passions can teach when we go beneath the surface that concerns me the most.  Learning and sharing discoveries has been the main drive behind this blog and I hope that these objectives have reached you.  Thanks to everyone who's been reading along and for those who want to get the posts in their inbox you can subscribe below!

For post number two hundred, a quote from Ai Weiwei, an artist who wields mighty socio-political criticisms with his art, taken from his According To What? exhibit:

"We cannot just learn from Western art, but also need to examine and criticize our daily experience and our own thought.  This is the nature of intellect as well as art, to question the basic foundation of being and our state of mind."