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Crossing the Canadian/US border by car, the border patrol agent asked me where I was going.
I replied : "New York." 
To which he said: "You are in New York."
Why do I always get the snippiest guards?
Fighting the urge to roll my eyes, I said, New York City.
We were then waved through.
 a bike ride that took us from the Brooklyn Bridge to delicious pizza at Roberta's
 loving some NYC architecture on Lafayette
 water taps at La Colombe supporting Coffee For Water and Charity Water non-profits
Betten adorned doors outside the McKittrick Hotel

My trips to New York are always quickies, a couple of days max, and never enough time to see all your friends (sorry!), go to a gallery or two, shop, or see a show. This time around chilling with my sister was key, exhibits lost out (sorry!) and considering I haven't seen a show in NY since I was seventeen, Sleep No More (finally!) won out big time.