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shoot studio X ans

Shoot Studio recently held their annual photography exhibit and showcased their roster of talent with a big bash to celebrate their ten years of image making.  Experimental filmmaker Karl Lemieux (above) was invited to stage a multi-projector performance/cacophony with the use of 16mm film.  The audio component was not dissimilar to distorted drone metal like sounds which emanated from the film being manipulated through the projectors' magnetic heads with an equally grindcore-ish vocal accompaniment on the microphone.

With visions of Cremaster 2/bees/death metal drum solos, I grabbed a glass of wine and headed downstairs to the gallery to check out the photography.
A couple of faves:

Geneviève Demers, positive and negative images of the waters of Kalymnos, Greece.

soft and ethereal underwater photography by Sandrine Castellan

dark and moody with awesome use of colour by Pierre Manning