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wedding flowers

This lovely labour day weekend was apparently host to many, many weddings.  Other than Brad & Angie*, two dear friends were also tying the knot and invited me to a morning of lots of croissants (and other assorted pastries), coffee and itty-bitty bouquet arranging.  Needless to say, but I was like a pig in shit. Pardon the crassness, but I was deep in my happy zone for several hours surrounded by these tiny beauties.  The above flowers made me squeal with delight.  These ping-pong sized flowers with the texture of paper are called scabiosa stellata, or commonly 'Drumstick" or what we affectionately dubbed "the balls."

The bride picked out about a twelve little varieties from a wholesaler and put her friends and family to work, cutting and arranging different stems in dozens and dozens of glass vessels of varying dimensions.  The result was whimsical, eclectic and effective.

Above from left:
-The astilble erika or false spirea are pink buds in a cluster of spike shaped stems
-Flat petals seem to characterize the phlox paniculata species which come in tons of variations, ours were a deep pink/purple that still had lots of buds ready to open
-The ivory flowers with pink and green hues are astrantia maxima, or masterwort, or million star or what we liked to call them "the droopies."  Their heads were hanging sad and low out of the box, but the overnighter in a vessel of water picked them back up.
-Last in the image, to the right is eryngium supernova, also known as the thistle

photo by Margot Ross

Happy as a clam,
As happy as a lark,
As a fish in water
Or a pig in poop.

*Oops, apparently Brad & Angie got married the 23rd of August- the weekend before-my bad.