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Ok friends, I'm going to admit something...I just saw Heathers for the first time.

A group of friends decided to have a monthly movie night where one person is selected to bring a film that will please a group of varying cinematic tastes (so unfortunately Last Year at Marienbad will not fly) and present the surprise film with an oral "book report."

This is apparently a teenage cult classic film of a the John Hughes era (aka the 1980s), a must-see, and the precursor of all "mean girls" type films.  I had a bit of difficulty with my suspension of disbelief at first, but then I let myself get swept by the surreality of the high school hierarchy in cinema.  Our discussion after the film was centered around this question: can a Heathers-type movie be produced today?  Given the sensitivity of guns and murder in a high school setting, post-Columbine or closer to home, post-Dawson, could this plot exist?