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Rainbow Chard

Today I'm going to share a veggie that admittedly I am not very familiar with. Other than eating some steamed swiss chard from my aunt's garden I can't say that I've had many other experiences with it.
But then I got a blender for Christmas and started blending a bunch (haha) of greens as a morning smoothie.
Lo and behold the rainbow chard called out to me.

While reading up on this veggie, I also learned that rainbow chard is not a variety in of itself (although that would be so cool), but various stalks put together.  So much for crazy colours growing all together.

One stalk in my bunch was twice the size of my head:

WHAT?! That thing is huge!
Then I drank it all...with a banana, some pineapple, and a bit of fresh parsley.
Take that giant chard! Muahhh hahaha!