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Agyness Deyn and Birds of Prey

I recently saw the short film Here, promoting Starwood's The Luxury Collection of hotels.  The film was directed by Luca Guadagnino (who did I Am Love (2009), a heartbreakingly beeeeyoutiful film!!) and conceptualized by Waris Ahluwalia (what does this guy not do?) and (swooon) Tilda Swinton.

The film features Agyness Deyn on a luxurious treasure hunt of sorts to various hotels around the US.  Beyond noting the amazing wardrobe, locations (etc.) of the film, I remarked a moment when Agyness receives a message from an eagle (or falcon? A hawk?) Take a look below.

Notice the name of this post is "Birds of Prey"?  Where is the other bird you might be wondering?  As I am sometimes a little slow with being on top of music, I had only seen the (awesomely styled) clip for Woodkid's Iron (see footnote below!) just recently, and lo and behold what do I see? Why it's Agyness again! This time with a an owl of prey!

But the birdie link doesn't stop there.
Woodkid's Iron was also used as the soundtrack in Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Revelations E3 trailer, and what do we see in the trailer?

What?! It's too good to be true! Ummm, yeah it is....
Actually this bird comes from another version of the trailer, the one sans Woodkid.
Close enough right?
I have to add that the Woodkid Iron video recalled to mind another clip, very different in content but strangely familiar.  I refer to Jay-Z's On to the Next One directed by Sam Brown.  I have lots of love to share about this clip, with its nod to hip-hop symbols, art references and a fischerspooner-ish warrior chick.  Take a peek at both clips and judge for yourself.
...and there is a bird!