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Cardboard Trees

I accidentally popped out on the fifth floor of the Eaton Centre and lo and behold what do I see?
Why a magical forest of cardboard trees!
Are those paper cup leaves?
I did not look into the origin of this project, (I'm sorry I was running through-but if anyone knows let me know!) but I'm going to wager a guess that it is some recycling meets art project which certainly makes you think about how much we consume and dispose of everyday!

Kitschy cool? That space through the trees in the above image used to be a movie theatre! Now just empty real estate...

 The bigger leaves are cut out of thin cardboard and held together with plastic clip hangers.

Why there they are up close!
There was also an assemblage of plastic water bottles to add to the landscape further down the hall.  I certainly hope though that when this is taken down that everything is not chucked into the garbage; that would kind of defeat the purpose....
OH! Side note: The Eaton Centre food court COMPOSTS! WHAT?!!
Ok, I had to eat on the run and had some crappy mall food but that's besides the point-there are garbage can sized bins where diners can put their uneaten food to be composted.
Oh I feel a Compost Montreal post in the works....