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Dance film, dance on film, dance theatre, documentary, Pina Bausch... and all of it in 3D!
Wim Wenders' Pina (2011) is a stunning film that allows the audience to get up close-really close- with the dancers of Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, where Bausch was the artistic director.

The above still (by Donata Wenders taken from this site) shows us the rig used to capture the dancers' performing Bausch's Rite of Spring (1975).  I was really pleased to see this movie before it left the theatres, as a 2D rental wouldn't have cut it.  While the film is considered a documentary, Bausch died before shooting began and Wim Wenders restructured the concept of the film which now contains very little dialog.  By doing so, my movie date and I enthusiastically concluded that the potential for future 3D feature length dance film is FRIGGING MIND BLOWING!

That's how excited I was.  
Here is another awesome still from the film, a bit Roy Andersson-ish.

Other films that pop to mind: La La La Human Steps' Amelia (2002) is stage to screen adaptation that was smartly redesigned to suit the medium (film), I have too much to say about that in this space, but don't be shy if you're curious.  Of course there's the (art) films of Matthew Barney. Do I need to elaborate?  Basically I'd like more of this in my theatres.  Please and thank you.

I must mention the awesomely stunning and intriguing short film that preceded Pina called ORA, choreographed by José Navas.  The film is shot using 3D thermal imaging. What?! Je capote.