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Nuit Blanche 2012

Nuit Blanche! We got the "art-all-night-long" troops assembled chez nous and my friend Tim of Original Heads Agency (they're working on a website, no links yet!) showed up in this trompe oeil puffer.  Tim takes care of the marketing and brand management for the Adidas Skate China team and got hooked up with the Adidas Blue beauty, a debate ensued on the yellow zipper though...

First stop: The Canadian Centre for Architecture for some drawing, drinks and musical fun.
The current show is called Imperfect Health: The Medicalization of Architecture an awesomely intriguing show, that has been on my list for a while, I have until April 1 to get my CCA on! 

Fun-all-night-long team member Shabana got straight down to drawing on the communal tables littered with markers. Shabana drew a bundled up character-appropriate for the chilly evening. My contribution was a fat marker tip line splotches. Yeah!

Some awesome visuals were created the analog way with scratching out designs on acetate and an overhead projector.  I met Mathieu of Organ Mood and I told him I loved his old school imagery.

Next stop: Palais de Congres for some Art Souterrain in which there were kilometers of art to be experienced.  Well we limited our visit to the Palais and we took in the distorted vision of Mathieu Grenier's Dans le cube blanc and the disease-like balloon sculpture of Padejo's Air Borne 3 in the pink trees.

Onwards team!

So the SAT had a dj and vj line up in the Satosphère, where the visuals just BLEW.MY. MIND.  The dome enables an immersive visual experience, allowing for perception of depth.  There was a temporary lapse of a projector showing it's start up screen, but it gave a good idea of the layout of the projectors.

Above are some images when Beat Market took the stage and VJs Zef & Santo gave us some awesome visual stimulation.

Then 3am rolled around...we had poutine...oh man.