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Dimension Y

Not too long ago I ventured into Dimension Y: Espace Choréographique at the SAT.  Described as a workshop of visuals, contemporary dance and music, all in an immersive environment, I sat back on my giant bolster to take in the show.

Already a fan of the visual potential in the Satosphere, I was happy to just watch the images of giant knit textures go by as nightlife staple DJ Mini (of the notorious Thursday nights at Parking and raver days gone by) introduced the various segments.

Stills from one of the dance pieces: finding the balance between performer and the visual.

While I can go on and on about the potential for this space, what always challenges any creative director, whether the space is the most bare bones of space up to the most sophisticated of settings, is the exploration of the balance of elements; that is a tricky beast.  

empty space, giant bolsters