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Easter Weekend

Can someone please tell me why food is associated with Easter weekend?
While my mother has given up on hiding chocolate eggs, she did kindly offer that I "come by and pick up some Lindt chocolate, if you want."  I declined.  If only to compensate for the amount of eating I did this weekend.

For someone who doesn't really drink coffee- I am a very dedicated tea drinker, coffee makes me wonky sometimes, (but it magically didn't bother me when I worked at a Starbucks...) I managed to knock back three lattés this weekend.  And I was as happy as a clam.  Latté number one: Sardine, situated in the space that once housed the old Bouchonée/Montée de Lait café.  The coffee was delicious and their donuts tempted me...

Baked eggs and oyster mushrooms at Lawrence.  While I try to avoid white bread in general, whatever they do to their bread and wherever it's from, I want to EAT IT ALL.

The very next day I had another brunch with my mom of crepes and fruit.  My meal wasn't very photogenic, so here is a beautiful montage I put together using fruits designed by this guy, thanks creative commons!

The food didn't stop there, today's afternoon snack (before dinner snack?) of a Toblerone cheesecake along with latté number three:

That's it! I'm done! The rest of the week's meals are going to consist of green smoothies, lentils and bran flakes. Enjoy the pictures while you can!

In the meanwhile if you haven't already seen this video, it just reminded me to stop posting images with food...