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Scotch & Soda

I got to take a look at the Dutch brands Scotch & Soda/Maison Scotch's fall winter 2012 collection the other day at the always delicious Lawrence, who dished out some appetizers.  In the foreground is an absolutely awesome braised beef with gnocchi-I could have eaten the whole table, but had a beef tartare instead.  Simmer down...
Behind the gnocchi, for those wondering, is a smoked mackarel, celeriac, apple and bacon.  I ate it with my eyes...

Ok, back to the clothes.
There's a laid back vintage feel to the brand that is underlined with bow ties, suspenders, blanket-style layers and heritage checks.  The colours were super rich, warm and cozy, and if I may get all poetic on you: like fall leaves and a setting sun (and denim blue thrown in for good measure!)

Take a look at the details:

 Are you feeling the vintage vibe yet?

The changing colours of fall leaves are seen in these cottony pants-even when the leaves fall on the ground and turn into a pile of dark mush.

Did I mention I love menswear?  I could live in the casual/coolness of it all... the preworn look of this sweater reminds me of working on film shoots armed with sandpaper and a dremmel. 

A last look: accessories!