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A Corner Of My Flat

Welcome to a corner of my flat!  This is one of my favorite vignettes that happened pretty much by itself.  We moved into a tiny apartment, therefore no furniture buying was really necessary-actually major purging took place instead.  When the unpacking began the pieces we did decide to keep had very little place to go-magique! The chest of drawers and black basket were pieces that belonged to my uncle.  Growing up I was in love with this hand-made multi-purpose piece and always called it the chinese drawers-for reasons that are beyond me. The black basket is a multi-layer picnic basket that now houses my jewelry and is an awesome conversation piece.  The drawing is an old sketch by the wonderful Gabriel Dawe and the print is a sexy girl by MTAF.  The number "2" is a box that holds the remains of my Bernhard Willhelm perfume. Deeelish!