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Snow Day

Oh snow...
Why did you decide to come down
To our fair and fall-like town
Before I got my snow tires on?
Oh snow...
That's all the poetry I can give today's snow. Which will probably melt before the weekend.  I did a scary 180degree spin on a one-way hill. Nothing/no one was hit. A bus driver bailed me out of my stuck-on-ice-facing-the-wrong-way predicament.  Then a car slid into the bus. Oh dear.

When I got myself and my car back from the garage in one piece I decided I needed a drink to soothe my really-wish-I-was-still-riding-my-bike-nerves.  A couple of vodka gimlets from Sparrow did the trick.  And with the mojito-ish cocktails sitting in my belly-I walked home.